Day 7: Shopping Day

We spent the whole entire day shopping. Nailed some good deals and still spent a lot of money…as Krista put it, “I love to feed my love language and stimulate the economy at the same time.”
Let me say this: I hate shopping at the Mile. I am a huge bargain shopper, but I can’t handle haggling with the bomake. It makes me so sad. Getting a bargain here does not have the same sense of accomplishment is it does in the States.   I went to the Mile with exactly one shopping goal–a reed mat. It took forever, but I finally found one. A make in a neighboring shop came over to help me, and asked me to take a look in her shop. I felt a little guilty, because I didn’t have the right amount of small bills, so she knocked 5 emalengeni off the price. I walked into her shop, but I was pretty much done shopping, but the guilt was unbearable. I really, strongly disliked everything in the shop, so instead, I said, “Make, do you know Jesus?” And she replies, “Ohh yes. I love Jesu! Look sis, here is my bible. Look here it is!” Under a shelf and the newspaper used to wrap up statues was a bible tattered from age and from use. She told me what church she goes to, and I saw an opportunity: “Make, I do not want to buy anything today, but I would like to bless you. Can I give you ten emalengeni?” I pulled the bill out of my wallet as I watched tears well up in her eyes. I pressed the bill into her hand and she held on a second longer than necessary. “Ciabonga sisi. Ciabonga kakhulu Jesu.” Tears rolled down her cheeks as she hugged me and as I struggled to maintain my composure. I walked away with a reed mat I got for a total of 70 emalengeni ($7), and the make walked away with a 10% increase in her monthly income. Both of us felt a little bit of Jesus today.


3 thoughts on “Day 7: Shopping Day

  1. Simply beautiful! The warmth you felt today may have had less to do with the sunshine & more to do with Jesus smiling down on the Mile.


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